02/12 Feedback Session

Katie Durkin
3 min readDec 3, 2020


Yesterday I had a feedback session with Martin. I went into the session happy with the work that I had produced, for the last few days I’ve been happy that my editorial is near enough done. I knew that I would leave the session with some adjustments to make and luckily nothing was a game changer, I just had some technical amendments to make.

The above spreads are the work that I presented in the feedback session. The blue is not supposed to be that bright, the conversion to RGB from CMYK seems to make it a lot brighter than intended; although I think I like it.

The feedback I received included making adjustments to my type, removing widows and orphans which honestly I wasn’t too sure about. I didn’t have a proper understanding of this rule but now that I do, I can’t un-see it. I thoroughly went through all of my type following this and adjusted my text boxes to fit the grid (which I had misused). Martin took one look at my work and knew that I hadn’t used my grid properly, which was frustrating but also somewhat admirable; I can’t wait for the day that I have an eye for things like that.

Another element of my work that needed adjusting was the Open Collab/DM20 spread. The headline is too spaced out which made it confusing for the reader, making the two pages look unrelated. I feel this is something that I will now remember in my future work, getting someone else to look at my work without telling them what it’s about to see if they understand what I am trying to say.

I put my references on the back cover without really thinking about how this would look when the magazine is printed. I was encouraged to move this to the inside of the back cover, potentially removing the double page collage in the middle of the magazine and condensing it to one page to make space available for this adjustment.

Finally, Martin mentioned my lack of contents page within the magazine. It was made as a passing comment however now that it has been mentioned I feel the need to include one. I shall think of a way in which it can be included, potentially on the introduction page as there is white space available to use or I may decide to keep it as is.

I left my feedback session feeling positive about the work I am producing. With a successful colour scheme and good choices of typefaces I feel my editorial is cohesive and consistent throughout; I’m on track for sending it to print next week following my next feedback session.