A Fresh Start, A New Module

Having failed to keep my blog updated for the last project, this is my pledge to make a better attempt at it for this project and here onwards. I regret not utilising my blog in first year, if anything I used it as a place to put all of my work that I couldn’t fit into my final presentations — which I now understand is not what a blog is entirely for. I shall now use it as a place of reflection for my designs. Reflection in my research, development and final outcomes — having kept a daily journal several years ago to write down and manage my everyday thoughts and feelings I will use it in a similar way, however sparing the details that would be TMI. I will see this module as a fresh start, learning from the last modules mistakes and inevitably making new ones but making progress and reflecting as I go.

Following any module launch I go through the brief and take notes on all key information. This will often take me several hours which makes the process seem long, but I see this as far more practical than scanning over it and missing things out.

This module is made up of two briefs, the first being a 16 page editorially-designed written piece and a competition brief set by D&AD. The learning outcomes are:

1. Articulate the contextual relationship between research, communication and design (30%)

This shall be achieved through the final 15 minute presentation which shows the integration between research, development and the final design.

2. Select, test and make appropriate use of materials, techniques and processes (30%)

This shall be shown through the Reflective Visual Journal (RVJ). Within this the design process will be demonstrated visually, showing how research translates into design development.

3. Devise a critical commentary informed by current debate and contemporary practice (20%)

This shall be shown in the editorial written piece. It will be written in response to a theme discussed in the Contextual Studies lectures, understanding of the subject matter will be communicated through visual language.

4. Identify, engage and reflect upon a range of opportunities to develop an individual personal direction (20%)

This shall be shown through being proactive and showing how I am engaging in my practice outside of university to create my own identity. This will be presented through CVs, online and offline profiles (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc), portfolio development and tutorials. This can also be demonstrated through watching online conferences (e.g. TedX and Adobe Max).

In first year, I was guilty of only looking at the mark scheme at the end of my projects (if at all). I now understand how important it is to know what you are being marked on. I took notes on the marking criteria on the previous module and it was helpful for me to look on to ensure I was happy with the level of detail I was including in my work. I look at each of the learning outcomes and pull out key words and phrases so that I can be reminded of these specific things while I’m working. The notes for this project are:


Show that you have understood the context of the individual practice through lots of useful research. Sophisticated articulation of ideas, analysis and synthesis of research material (link research with development and final outcomes thoroughly — back every decision up with research).

Synthesis — the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole


Explore different materials and techniques, show understanding of what is appropriate to use and what is not. Show that you have applied this knowledge through application of appropriate materials and techniques.


Demonstrate your understanding of the context of the individual practice and the individual practice itself by writing critical commentary. This commentary should be informed by current and contemporary debate.


Understand the benefits of being proactive and engaging in opportunities where possible.



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