Circular 20 — Pentagram, The Typographic Circle

Katie Durkin
Oct 30, 2020

Typographic journal ‘Circular’ is published by The Typographic Circle, a not-for-profit organisation that unifies designers with a love of type. Pentagram’s edition to this involves a range of interviews with people such as Michael Wolff and Vaughan Oliver, as well as Jim Sutherland’s A-Z.

Inside the edition are articles from Alan Dye, Jim Sutherland, Domenic Lippa, Alex Hough, John Bateson, Antony Long, Olly St John, Valerie Geiger and Sallyanne Theodosiou. A variety of nine different covers were released for this issue, a cover for each article.

As seen in the above picture the spreads include the headline of the article on one page and the designer on the other. Following this there is a spread containing a quote in a column in typeface Baskerville on one page and an introduction to the article on the next. The articles follow for the same grid structure, the copy extending and withdrawing within the grid at different points.

The successful components of this magazines are it’s use of white space to emphasise specific elements of type and use of hierarchy. For example, the headlines, designers names and quotes are in large Baskerville type with a lot of surrounding white space; this emphasises the type. The eye is then drawn to the smaller copy where the main interview content is.