Client Feedback Session 05/10

Following the client feedback session with Matt Baxter and Rory Brady from Baxter & Bailey, I am happy with the progress that I am making in this project. Prior to the session I had written notes regarding my chosen theme, some brief research, an explanation of my mood board and an overview of my stamps. Not all of this was discussed during the session due to time restraints however I wanted to be prepared in case any questions were asked.

In the session, each student’s work was put into a presentation and scanned over briefly, we then had the opportunity to talk through our slides in 30 seconds. Having written notes in preparation for this, I feel I was successful in articulating myself and giving an overview of my work in concise detail.

The feedback I received was positive, I feel as though I wanted more from the session in terms of constructive criticism. However, the feedback I did receive made me feel more confident in knowing that I am on track for creating a successful set of stamps. Matt commented on my work and stated that the colour scheme reiterates the “dark, crazy and weird” theme of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; this comment was important to me as this is the key element within my work and it was helpful knowing that this is already clearly being communicated.

Prior to the session I was yet to decide on the direction of my stamps, I was focused more on the colour scheme and getting together other elements which would help me depict Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in a unique way. During my feedback Matt made a comment about how I can play with scale as well as use the colour scheme to reiterate Alice’s adventure through Wonderland, potentially using the colours to show when she is in and out of Wonderland as the story progresses and nears the end if the stamps were to show key stages of the story. This idea was something that I had already thought of within my initial brain storming for the project, but now that it has been commented on by a professional I feel this route should definitely be experimented with.



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