Digital Printmaking Workshop

As the print room at university is not easily accessible at the moment, when the opportunity to participate in a digital type workshop came up I grabbed the chance to join in. The workshop was ran by Naomi Kent and involved a Photoshop tutorial on spot colour and overprinting with scanned in letterpress type. This type can be used within projects to create authentic-looking type.

In the workshop we were told to experiment with two letters, however I created a word that is related to my project to help decide whether this is a technique I would use within my editorial design.

Photoshop Instructions
- Open the PDF containing the selected typeface
- Select letters using magic wand tool and copy onto new page
- Highlight all the elements on the layer and group them
- Select the group
- Holding the alt key, click the clipping mask menu and select solid colour
- A box will appear, tick the box that says ‘use previous layer to create clipping mask’ and change the mode to ‘screen’, click ok
- A colour picker will appear, click colour library option and ‘Pantone solid uncoated’ — this will make the type life-like, as though it has been printed on uncoated paper in the letterpress
- Adjust the colour bar, taking it to the top of the options and down two to get the process (CMYK) colours and click ok — this will create lots of colours when layered to give overprinting effect
- Change the mode of the group layer to multiply
- Shift key, select group and the clipping mask, right click and duplicate
- Adjust the colours accordingly and move type around to create overprinting effect



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