“Final” Adjustments

Katie Durkin
2 min readDec 3, 2020

Having made adjustments to my editorial after yesterday’s feedback session I am a lot happier with the design. All of my type has been de-orphaned/widowed, my references page has been moved inside the back cover along with the collage and my Open Collab/DM20 spread has been reorganised.

Having looked at examples of last years students work that were shared on Teams, I decided to include a contents page as I feel they assist the introduction in giving an example of what the publication involves. I began reading Editorial Design by Cath Caldwell during this project. Specifically looking at the section discussing contents pages, she gives an insight into the importance of them. They play a vital role in allowing the reader to navigate through a book/magazine without any confusion, particularly larger publications. Initially I felt a contents page would be pointless as there are only 16 pages, however if I am using this project as a way of understanding editorial design I feel it is suitable to include one.

This project has been extremely helpful for me in terms of understanding different types of grids and how to use them, as well as improving my knowledge of typography (an area which I am particularly interested in).