Mind Maps/Pagination Plan

Katie Durkin
3 min readNov 15, 2020

My first mind map for this project demonstrates how my initial understanding of the theme ‘The Hyper Connected World’. I now recognise that hyper-connectivity is systems and devices being connected to networks and all of these are constantly producing data. Research into the topic allowed me to understand how many people use the internet and social media platforms. 45% of the worlds population use social media (3.5 billion people), this made me think about the effects that it has on users, understanding both the positives and negatives on the internet. Personally, I am guilty of having phases where I have spent too much time on my phone and I have noticed the negative impact it has on my mood, behaviour and mental health. Having educated myself on the importance of taking breaks I am a lot more mindful of my social media usage and recognise when I need a break.

My second mind map was created while I was researching different approaches I could take to the hyper-connected world. As there was no solid idea yet of the topic of my editorial, this mind map demonstrates my process of getting to my final idea. I research ways in which the hyper-connected world has been interpreted, as well as how it has impacted the ongoing pandemic and worldwide lockdowns.

During lockdown, I understand that the internet has been a comfort blanket; providing people with a source of communication and entertainment. Especially as a creative/designer I initially lacked motivation at the start of lockdown but as people were getting used to it and beginning to adapt, I found finding design work online (particularly on Instagram) a source of inspiration. This motivation was vital for me and helped me to cope. This influenced my research and lead me to looking into how designers have coped, how they have adapted and collaborated online and how they have advised their audience.

I created a rough pagination plan using the full 16 pages but this can be shortened to a minimum of 12 pages. This was a useful exercise as I was able to begin to experiment with different layouts, drafting out and beginning to visualise what the pages could look like. A problem with this exercise so early on is that I am not yet sure of what information I will have to fill the space, for example, the essay and what images I will include. However, it was encouraging and motivated me to get my research done to be at the point where I am ready to begin writing and understand what the contents of the editorial will be.