Module Reflection/Peer Review

Reflecting upon this project, I am pleased with the overall design process and my final outcomes. I am happy that I created a stamp set, presentation pack and hand stamps that are coherent and communicate the key themes and ideas to the audience.

The purpose of my project was to unconventionally commemorate John Tenniel’s original illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I feel I have successfully done this through my unique use of colour while keeping to Tenniel’s illustration style.

The final feedback session involved receiving criticism from the client and a peer. Both agreed on what amendments needed to be made therefore I experimented with these until I found a solution. It was agreed that I needed to balance my stamps using text and adjust the colour of my presentation pack as the black was too overpowering. Although I preferred the presentation pack as it was prior to the session, as I was making refinements I began to recognise the client’s view and preferred the design with the changes. I took into consideration any feedback I received throughout the sessions and adjustments were made accordingly, as long as I could justify them and relate them to the key themes and design elements. The feedback sessions were beneficial as I feel any opportunity to receive critique from a professional design agency is valuable and allowed me to see my work from an external perspective.

In hindsight, I feel I could have created the presentation pack differently. Although any text was to be dummy copy, I believe that because the purpose of the stamp set was to commemorate John Tenniel, I could have included illustrations from other work that he has done. I also feel I could have experimented with the idea of the playing cards. There could have been a limited edition playing cards pack that accompanied the stamp set, with different scenes and characters on each card. Although I briefly covered this idea, I could have investigated it further.

As this project was my first time working in a professional context, with the client being a design agency, there were many challenges. Firstly, learning to communicate effectively while using the correct language was a challenge having not presented in front a client before. Secondly, this project was extremely fast paced and tested my time management skills. However, all the challenges in this project turned out to be advantages. Working with Baxter & Bailey was an educational experience and this live project taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I shall take forward in my work. It gave me an insight into industry life and makes me excited for upcoming projects and my future in design.

Additionally, topics covered in the corresponding contextual studies module were extremely helpful as it allowed me to put my skills into practice. For example, it helped me to understand the purpose of blogging and reflecting on my work as it goes through development. Also, learning to treat my assessment presentation as an editorial space has been helpful as it taught me to experiment and be mindful of how I present my work.

Lessons I learnt during the Live Project:
- Trust your intuition
- Demonstrate your values within your work
- Creative constraints are a good thing
- Do not doubt the work that you have done. As long as you have followed the brief you will be on the right track
- Take inspiration from others but do not compare your work to theirs — their work is not you!